Have outdoor plants or flower boxes that you would love to have automatically watered?  Ask how we can do this for you with Micro-drip irrigation.

Do you have an area in your (yard, garden or flowers, etc) that you would like to have an extra hose spicket, call and ask how we can provide this for you?


Landworks Irrigation Custom Landscape & Design


SPRING Start-up

  1. Spring start-up of irrigation system:
  2. General inspection of system including programming of controller.
  3. Inspecting for broken sprinkler heads, valves and leaks.


FALL Winterization

  1. Blowing out of any irrigation water in the system to prevent any freezing and breaking of pipes and valves.
  2. General inspection of the system.
  3. Notes will be taken if any problems are found at that time and taken care of promptly in the spring!


Koi ponds and custom water gardens

Commercial and Residential irrigation systems

Custom landscape and design